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The Trendy Golfer’s Merchandise Blog: Men’s Olympic Golf Edition

August 18, 2016 |

Greetings! Hope you all enjoyed reading my first post. This week’s post will be recapping the men’s Olympic golf competition. Olympic Golf

Golf returns to the 2016 Rio Olympics for the first time since the 1904 Summer Olympics. It features two … Read More

Let Me Introduce Myself…

August 16, 2016 |

Every new school year comes with new faces. This year, HBA welcomes five new teachers at the high school campus: Joshua Williams (History), Nori Murakami (Japanese), Isaac Duncklee (Physics), Antonio Anagaran (Drama), and Angelica Hong (Spanish). Joshua Williams (History)

One … Read More

Hopes For Senior Year

August 15, 2016 |

As the 2016-17 school year begins, it marks a new chapter filled with hope and aspirations for the seniors at HBA.

Armed with a mentality to try new things, create lasting friendships, and get college applications over with, many seniors … Read More

Blog: Song of the Week

August 15, 2016 |

We all cherish memories in different ways. For some of you it’s through scents or photographs or journals; for me it’s through music.


Hello, my name is Johannah Wilford and welcome to my blog that is dedicated to my … Read More

And Then There Were 35

August 15, 2016 |

Two summers ago, just five HBA band students participated in Hawaii Youth Symphony’s Pacific Music Institute.

Last year, that number jumped to 20, and this past summer, that total climbed yet again. Thirty five HBA students spent ten of their final … Read More

From Binge Watching to Binge Writing

August 12, 2016 |

It was the last day of school, and as HBA students turned in their final exams, the last bell of the school year sounded.

As they leapt out of their seats to begin their summer, many had plans for a full and … Read More

Seniors’ Declassified School Survival Guide

August 12, 2016 | 1

When HBA resumed its classes on August 1, 2016, the freshmen class of 2020 arrived on campus with high expectations for the new year.

The Eagle Eye checked in with seniors Serena Au, Ryan Su, and Joyy Young to find … Read More

Eagles Ready To Soar

August 12, 2016 |

Summer break is over! Monday, August 1, 2016 marked the first day of school for all students attending Hawaii Baptist Academy. This year, 21 new students from the class of 2020 have joined the Eagle family.

It can sometimes be intimidating for … Read More

Blog: So You Think You Can’t Have a Long Distance Relationship?

August 12, 2016 |

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. And to a certain extent, I agree with that cliché.

However, even though it’s a popular cliché, long distance relationships still tend to have quite a bit of negativity attached to it. My … Read More

Blog: Sophomore Year

August 11, 2016 |

My name is Marcus Mau. I’m a sophomore at HBA. I’m an “average” HBA kid.

Asian and skinny is about the average HBA kid profile, for a boy at least. Not all HBA boys are skinny and Asian but the … Read More