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Travel Smart

September 26, 2014 |

In a few days, fall break will be upon us.

Tired and stressed out high school students want nothing more than two weeks full of fun and relaxation. Since HBA’s fall and spring breaks span two weeks, many families take the … Read More

Club Conducts Food Waste Audit

September 26, 2014 |

By Karly Tom (’16) and Jeremy Chang (’15)

When people think of “go green projects,” usually things like using hybrid cars and solar panels come to mind.

However, one need does not need to turn to such expensive methods to … Read More

Review: Under The Blood-Red Sun

September 26, 2014 |

In our lives, there are certain stories we never forget.

These stories introduce themselves to us, asking for a chance to earn a place in our hearts. The ones that win us over stay with us and become a part … Read More

A Different Experience

September 16, 2014 |

We take vacations for many reasons.  Family, constant stress and hard work, or the joy of getting away are all common reasons.

As a resident of Oahu, I personally feel like I live in a scrunched up area all the … Read More