Walking Where Elizabeth Bennet Always Hoped To Visit

After touring the Lake District, students on the England trip were assigned to write four tweets to the character Elizabeth Bennet.

Bennet is a character of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. In the book Bennet always hopes to vacation at Lake District but never gets the chance to do so.


Alecia Griffin

Lakes were deep, dark, and mysterious

#pretty #swans #toocoldtoswim

Saw flocks of sheep scattered on the green hills

#fluffy #adorable #sheep




Randall Baniaga

The water of the lake glistened in the sun’s rays.

These swans are everywhere. Everything is just so peaceful.


[/two_third] [two_third]

Micah Ito

Please never forget your jacket on a boat

#freezing #hypothermia

Mr.Sun, sun, Mr.Golden sun

Please shine on me because

I’m Freezing!!!




Kim Yamamoto

The breeze on the Lake was very strong and made me shiver.


The ice cream was quite rich and delicious.


[/two_third] [two_third]

Deanna Sanekane

The lake is #beautiful!

There are so many swans

and the water is so shiny and pretty!


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